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We're Hiring!

Do you want to work with the biggest content creators on the internet? Are you interested in building a highly-marketable skillset in a fast-paced environment? You may be the Talent Manager we are looking for.

Current Job Openings

Talent Manager

Austin, TX

If you are interested in getting your feet wet working in the creator economy, keep reading. We are one of the fastest growing talent management agencies and are in search of talent managers to grow with us.

Founded and managed by creators, we are a lean team of creator-obsessed individuals. We work with some of the top talent on YouTube (and the internet as a whole) in a very intimate capacity, so if you see a future in the creator economy this is a unique opportunity to cut the line and get your foot in the door.

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our driven team, we would love to chat with you!

The Role

Wake Up Excited Everyday

Talent Agents work hand-in-hand with both our team and our influencers to ensure that creators are extremely satisfied with our services. The role requires someone who has an internal drive to satisfy and is willing to take initiative to pick up new skills on a regular basis. This is not a repetitive position and will require you to adapt.

Always Learning Something New

Our ideal candidate above all else, will need to be very sharp and thrive under pressure. We work on short timetables to keep creators and brands happy, and this role especially has to stay on top of many things simultaneously. If you are a quick learner and are driven to achieve, you will have a lot of fun in this role.

Meaningful And Impactful Work

If a candidate wants to exceed our expectations, they will obsess on over-delivering for the creators they are responsible for. The ultimate goal is for this person to manage 10 different creators. This entails managing multiple creator businesses/income streams, initiating new ones, and above all building strong relationships with our talent.

Why Work At Creators Agency

Fact 1: You are the product of the people that you surround yourself with.
Fact 2: You’re likely going to spend 50% or more of your waking hours at work.
Is working with all stars on something that gets you fired up every day a top priority?

Surround Yourself With Winners

Every single talent manager at Creators Agency is a high-acheiver that places a high level of importance on maintaining a social circle that pushes them to level up. As a community, we keep each other moving forward and growing at a faster rate than other organizations. Together we iterate faster, learn faster, and grow faster. And we have a great time while we do it.

Choose Your Own Adventure

At Creators Agency, everyone's voice is heard and you are able to take advantage of any opportunity that you find. Heard about an event that you want to attend? Great. Just let us know why it's worth sending you there and we'll do it. Want to travel across the country to meet with some of our creators? Explain why that's a good idea and you're there.

Full Top-Down Transparency

We have an extremely flexible and transparent work environment. You know exactly how much your peers are making and exactly how to get there and beyond.

Perks You Actually Care About

Time off, remote work, and flexible schedules are table stakes here. There will never be anyone looking over your shoulder micromanaging you.

A Built-In Community Surrounding You

We are a close-knit team that you will have the pleasure of working with and learning from every single day. This creates a highly-fertile environment for growth through a combination of both internal and external motivation.

What You'll Be Doing

Directly Managing Creators

Each talent manager works with a selection of talent on our roster to work intimately with them on multiple aspects of their business. We are their trusted advisor that knows their business inside and out.

Building Relationships With Our Talent

In order to know and understand their business, you need to know and understand them. Much of your role involves getting to know creators in person and over the phone.

Creating Exciting Opportunities

Being a Talent Manager is a very unique "sales" position because you get to build what you sell before you sell it. The biggest limitation in this role is your imagination. If you're able to think big, you'll be able to do big things here.

Strategize And Negotiate Million-Dollar Opportunities

In this role, you'll have creative freedom to dream up a wide range of opportunities. Each deal you structure is a logic puzzle of balancing interests between brands, creators, and their audiences. If you like creative problem solving, you'll have a lot of fun with this role. Once you come up with an exciting idea, you'll pitch it to the creator and brand and work with all parties to make it a reality.

Building Businesses With Creators

As managers, our job doesn't stop at brand deals and sponsorships. We work with our creators to be the operating engine of their business. As a Talent Manager, you'll have the opportunity to launch merch stores, digital and physical products, creative ventures, and anything that you can dream up alongside our roster of top talent. Ask us about our past projects!

What Makes You A Fit

Sharp And Decisive

As a Talent Manager, you are a public-facing representative of both our talent and Creators Agency. As such, anyone in this position needs to be on the ball and be able to speak confidently and directly while knowing their stuff inside and out.


This is a relationships business and you will need to have a strong set of social skills to be successful here. Much of your role involves building deep relationships with creators and brands so you better like meeting new people and building new connections.


In this role, you will need to learn a lot and you will need to do it fairly quickly. Things move fast in this industry and so you'll need to be thoroughly obsessed and motivated to stay on top of things. You'll be spending a lot of time around people that know a lot more than you and it will serve you well to take in as much information as you can.

 No experience is needed (we find that people newer to the industry are typically more teachable) but you need to have an internal drive to make things happen. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

Talent Managers In Action

Talent managers are constantly collaborating throughout the day on different projects. On a daily basis, you’ll be with your colleagues whiteboarding out different ideas for campaigns and getting excited about big ideas together. In this work environment, you have a built-in network of likeminded people to bounce ideas off of, learn from, and build lasting friendships with. 

As talent managers, your core responsibility is to build relationships both with our talent and with other partners and clients. Typically this is done through email or Zoom calls but you’ll also be getting out into the field to meet with people IRL.

Not only is it our job to take care of our talent, but we make it a priority to bring all creators together. Creators Agency was founded to solve the issue of creators being significantly underpaid. By bringing the creator community together through events and making introductions, we can help to ensure that information flows more freely throughout the industry. 

As a team, we push each other to take on new challenges and build new skills. In the talent manager role, you’ll have ample opportunities to put yourself out there to try new things and gain a wider variety of experiences. If you are looking for a cushy job where you do the same thing everyday, look elsewhere. Talent managers wear a lot of hats and accumulate a deep understanding of the inner workings of the creator economy.

Through this role, you’ll have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with some of your favorite creators. As a talent manager, it’s our job to be available for them night and day. Although it can be stressful at times, for the right person, the opportunities for growth, the lessons you will learn, and the friendships you build will be more than worth it. 

Talent Managers Around The World

As a talent manager, you have a lot of freedom to work from where you want to. If you want to live a lifestyle that includes traveling more often than 2 weeks per year, that is a very real possibility. Whether there is an industry event, a brand you want to meet with in person, a creator you want to spend some quality time connecting with, you have the ability to make it happen.

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